Online Giving Account Setup

If you wish to contribute to Saint Jospeph Cathedral on an ongoing basis, you should set up an account on the Online Giving system. This will allow you to have your regular weekly offering deducted from your checking account or charged to your Discover/Master Card/Visa credit card. It will also allow you to make one time contributions to special collections or to purchase tickets to parish events such as the annual Spaghetti Dinner. It will also allow you to:

Give a New Gift Give a New Gift
My Current Gifts View or Update My Current Gifts
My Payment Methods Add or Update My Payment Methods
My Personal Information View or Update My Personal Information
My Giving History View My Giving History & Tax Information

In order to set up a new account, go to the Saint Joseph Cathedral Online Giving web site by clicking here and then clicking on the "Create New Account" button where you will be asked to  enter your Name, Email Address, Street Address, Bank and/or credit card information. You do not have to enter an "Admin Code" - this is only for administrative accounts.