Pastoral Council

The Mission of the Saint Joseph Pastoral Council is “to act as an advisory body to the Rector and to provide counsel and support in the management of the affairs of the Cathedral”. The Council meets monthly at 6:30 p.m. on the last Tuesday of the month in the Cathedral Undercroft.  Parishioners are welcome to attend Council meetings. Any  parishioner wishing to  address the Council should contact the President of the Council in advance of the meeting: Ed Hueckel, (614) 329-1801,

Ed Hueckel

I have been a member of Saint Joseph Cathedral parish for over 35 years, serving first as a volunteer in the Choir for 22 years. Since then I have been honored to serve as Hospitality Minister, Server, Lector, Eucharistic Minister, and Master of Ceremonies.  It is a pleasure to be part of this diverse community with members who come from all around the city.  As Council President it is my goal to continue to build the parish “Family” with activities that build on the foundations of our faith.  Welcome!

Vice President
Nico Franano

Secretary & Events Committee
Amanda Gillespie


Father Bob Kitsmiller

Rev. Mr. James Gorski

Rev. Mr. Tom Johnston


Information Technology Committee
Nick Farmer

I am a relatively new member of Saint Joseph Cathedral Parish. My entire career was spent in the Information Technology field, including serving as the Chief Technology Officer for Chemical Abstracts Service in Columbus, for Lexis-Nexis in Dayton, and for Elsevier Science in Amsterdam. I hope to use my technology expertise to enrich the Saint Joseph Cathedral Parish community and those it serves. 

President Emeritus
Liturgical Ministries

Michael Elton

I became a member of Saint Joseph Cathedral Parish in 2006 after retiring to Columbus from Washington, DC. Our cathedral is, by far, the greatest of the pleasures I found in my new home here.  Being able to worship God in the grandeur of this majestic place with its beautiful sights and sounds is indeed a true spiritual blessing. I became President of the Saint Joseph Cathedral Pastoral Council in 2009 and had the pleasure of serving in that post for the next nine years. I’ve also enjoyed volunteering and being a member of many various special projects, committees and membership groups but have especially found true pleasure in having the privilege of coordinating the parish’s Liturgical Ministry. It’s been especially rewarding, because it’s given me an opportunity to get to know and have warm friendships with hundreds of fellow, like-minded, parishioners who want to serve God in a very special way … by being an actual participant in their cathedral’s beautiful liturgies.

Member at Large
Tom Boor


Young Adults Group - Triple V
Robert Riepenhoff

Welcome to our community! Although I live in the Gahanna area, I've been a member of the St. Joseph Cathedral parish for almost 5 years. This parish truly feels like a small community church in our busy downtown setting. In my professional life, I'm an adult medicine/geriatric/hospice nurse practitioner, educator, and administrator. Always focused on providing preventative and palliative care to both patients and their families in the Central Ohio area. I have really enjoyed serving within the eucharistic/hospitality/altar ministries having the privilege to interact with some wonderful people during my time here. Please check out the amazing and rewarding volunteering activities within this community.

Jake Neal

Rector Appointed
Lisa Emrich

I was received into the Roman Catholic Church in 2015, after first devoting about five years to deliberate and prayerful discernment. My husband, John, and I have been members of our Cathedral parish since that time. I love our Cathedral community! I remember the first time I attended Sunday Mass at the Cathedral.  Mary Alice Johnston welcomed me at the door and Father Lumpe was the celebrant.  I knew I was home.  It is with much joy that I join many wonderful people serving God through our Cathedral’s Liturgical Ministries, Pastoral Council, RCIA, and various activities.

Member at Large
Kathleen Tourgeman

Kathleen Tourgeman also known as Kathy Tourgeman.  Born February 29, 1948 (leap year).  Moved to Columbus from New England in 1979.  After attending several Catholic churches in and around Columbus, I chose St. Joseph Cathedral to be my parish.  I chose the Cathedral because every time I entered the Cathedral a feeling of peace would come over me and it still does to this day.  I am a Liturgical Minister and Eucharistic Minister at the Cathedral and a member of the Cathedral’s Pastoral Council.

Young Adults Group - Triple V
Crystal Bensonhaver



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