Table 3: Societies in the procession for the Consecration of St. Joseph Cathedral October 21, 1878

Columbus Police – Sgt. Benningholf and 20 Policemen

Grand Marshal – P. A. Egan

Aides – Captain Wm. Riches
            P. Bresnahn
            Michael Burns
            J. E. Lee
            D. McAllister
            Jacob Ims, Sr.
            Charles Korn
            Wm. Kinterschitt
            Frederick Weber
            John Schmitt

Garrison Band

Knights of the Red Cross on horseback

Great Western Band, Cincinnati

Knights of St. Martin, Cincinnati.

Knights of Lyola, Cincinnati

Knights of St. Patrick, Cincinnati

Lytle Greys Drum Corps.

Knights of St. James, Cincinnati

Continental Band, Springfield

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Springfield

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Straitsville

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Shawnee

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Zanesville

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Columbus

St. Patrick’s Pelican Band, Zanesville

St. Patrick’s Benevolent Society, Zanesville

St. Thomas Benevolent Society, Lancaster

St. Joseph’s Benevolent Society, Lancaster

St.. Joseph’s Benevolent Society, Circleville

Grandville Band

St. Patrick’s Benevolent Society, Newark

St. Aloysius Society, Newark

St. Vincent D’Paul’s Society, Dayton

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Dayton

St. Joseph’s M.B. Society, Columbus

St. Aloysius(Boys) St. Patrick’s Columbus

Seventh Regiment Band, Springfield

Knights of St. Patrick, Springfield.

Father Matthew T.A &B Society, Springfield

St. John’s T.A.&B.Society, Dayton

St. Patrick’s T.A.&B. Society, Marion

St. Patrick’s T.A.&B. Society, Columbus

Holy Name Society(100 members) Columbus

Forth Regiment or Millers’s Band, Dayton

Knights of St. George, Dayton

Knights of St. George, Newark

Knights of St. George, Lancaster

Hemmersbach’s Band

St. Aloysius(Young Men’s)Society, Columbus

St. Martin’s Benevolent Society, Columbus

St. John’s Benefit Society, Columbus

Columbus Cadet Band

St. Francis Xavier Benevolent Society, Columbus

St. Paul’s Young Men’s Benevolent Society, of St. Mary’s, Columbus

Police Commission in Carriages

City Council in Carriages

Citizens in Carriages